Our Story

youthH2O the Peruvian superfood

Aging is an undeniable truth. We are truly given precious little time on this Earth, and it’s a fact of life we’ve always been seeking to change. We’ve learned much on our way, finding cleaner ways of living, improving our health through medicine and diet. We make the most of every minute we’re here. Yet as science has proven, there is no denying our bodies eventually stop producing nutrients and chemicals in the quantities needed to maintain that youthful appearance and vigor we once had. It’s in that where we had found our purpose. We could target and locate those missing nutrients and formulate an all-organic supplement to harness our body’s own power and restore our youthful attributes.

Our journey to finding the supplements necessary took us to the breathtaking foothills of Peru and Andes Mountains. Here grew the unique and rare superfoods that have been used and sworn by the natives for centuries. Skeptical at first, multiple studies revealed astounding results. Used in just the right combination through nature and science we could delay and even reverse the signs of aging. YouthH2O was born.

Hand-picking the best organic foods on the planet, our farmers harvest these amazing ingredients from the lowlands of the Amazon River to over 14,000 feet up in the Andes. (Click here to see youthH2O ingredients.) We’ve employed only the finest herbalists from around the globe to refine and perfect our bottled formula. This is all done to be able to deliver the most potent and pure nutrient packed supplement we call our fountain of youth. The benefits are unquestionable. We invite you to turn back the hands of time and begin your journey to a more youthful you.

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