Celebrity Testimonials

Evelyn Lozada

“Finally an age defying supplement that gives you beauty, performance, and wellness all in one!”

Shaneice Hairston

“Nothing beats the superfood all day energy, skin glow and nutrition I get from youthH2O, I can’t live without it!”

Felicia Romero

“As a 5x Professional fitness & figure winner and certified professional trainer; seriously everyone should be on @youthH2O”

Manuel Villacorta

“As the author of Peruvian Power Foods and nutrition expert, I love to see that YouthH2O has three of my favorite top vitalizing and anti-aging superfoods. I highly recommend it”

Silvia Baldini

“It gives me a ton of energy and recharges me with a quick fix of its detoxifying ingredients! I do two weeks on every day and two weeks off.”

Jay Manuel

“Love it!! I take one everyday. I’m going to buy some more before I run out. Thx 4 asking! @youthH2O”

Charles Flanagan

“#youthH2O was supposed to be my secret! #modelSecrets #revealed”

Pat O’brien

“You know me, metrosexual to the max: latest find @youthH2O.. Somehow makes the skin go back in time….”

Dr. John Perlman

“I personally drink @youthH2O and recommend it to my clients because of its benefits”

Po Johnson

“Shouts to @youthH2O for putting me on the fountain of youth! #pojolovesu”

Cassidy Gard

“@YouthH2O @VitaminShoppe Absolutely love #YouthH20. Start my day with it and use it in evening when filming.”

Chloe Bridges

“I’m all about it’ RT @youthH2O @chloebridges how did you like that youthTINI cocktail you tried with #youthH2O?”

Ryan Serhant

“Just tried @youthH2O. Changed my life.”

Chelsie Hightower

“Love my new @youthH2O products!! Love looking and feeling my best.”

Illeana Douglas

“Loving the new detox system @youthH2O”