youthH2O’s Superfood: Purple Corn

Purple Corn

YouthH2O is your purple corn supplement! While rare, it’s important to know that all purple corn is not created equal, and this is especially true when comparing the average purple corn product to the organic and potent extract derived from the purple corn specifically farmed for youthH2O. We’ve gone to great lengths to unlock the potentials of this amazing superfood through advanced science and innovation and our extracting methods continue to be recognized around the world for its breakthroughs. Our goal is to make it so that every sip of youthH2O is like diving into a fresh purple corn right off the stock in Peru, and we take pride in how close we’ve come to doing just that!

Studies have shown that purple corn could have a profound effect on not only weight loss, but prevention as well. This works by boosting your body’s metabolism to burn body unused body fats and reduces the propensity towards insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. Researchers studying the benefits of purple corn anthocyanin’s have gone on to conclude there is a high potential that it may not only fight obesity and diabetes, but can make promising strides towards preventing them as well. We’ve all heard the praises and massive health perks of antioxidants these days. When comparing purple corn against the best known antioxidant superfoods, namely acai berries and blueberries, purple corn beat them out by over five times the anthocyanins.

The best way to learn about the amazing benefits of this superfood is to google purple corn for weight loss and other benefits, and judge for yourself! The more you learn the more you’ll see why we have committed the utmost dedication toward bringing you the finest purple corn in the world for your body!