youthH2O’s Superfood: Camu Camu

Camu Camu

YouthH2O is your perfect camu camu supplement. Just like our other organic ingredients, we specially harvest this amazing Amazonian berry and put it through an innovative synthesis to bring you the highest quality, organic extract. The extraordinarily high Vitamin C content is the most important property of the fruit, higher than any other naturally found berry, fruit, or vegetable, giving way to the many benefits it provides your body including skin and hair health, mental stability, immunity support and more! As the most potent natural Vitamin C source on the planet, 1 camu camu berry’s vitamin c content is equal to more than 50 oranges! Do a Google search of the benefits of camu camu and rest assured we bring you camu camu like no other product can, combining it with the rest of our data-driven formula to give you the fountain of youth your body needs to grow young!

Description of Camu Camu

The bushy riverside tree of the Camu Camu is found in the swampy and flooded portions of the Amazon rainforests, often found with its trunk and lower branches submerged under water for long periods. The fruit can bear a striking resemblance to a plumb in coloring, featuring primarily red and purple hues with some green and orange highlights when ripening. Camu Camu typically ranges from roughly a cherry to plumb in size and contains a bitter and acidic yellow pulp.

Native range

The Camu Camu is a wild shrub found abundantly along the lakes and rivers of the rainforests in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil. This low-growing plant can survive completely submerged and is often found with significant portions underwater during the rainy seasons. Many South American rivers are called home to the Camu Camu such as the Rio Mazán near Iquitos, Peru, the mighty Amazon River, the Orinoco River, the Maçangana and Urupa Rivers and a host more in the region.

History of Camu Camu

The berries of the camu camu tree have been used by Amazonian Indians for hundreds of years. A highly nutritious food source rich in phytochemicals, it is also easily transportable. Traditional uses, besides food, include use as a pain reliever, treatment for infection, and to promote long life. Poultices were also made from the bark of the tree to treat rheumatism or as a topical treatment for wounds.

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