Cycle of Youth


For Best Results:

We recommend starting on a Monday and finishing your weekly course on a Friday to make it easy. Take a break for TWO DAYS, in this case; Saturday and Sunday. Once you’ve taken your two day rest, start again on Monday and repeat this process for THREE WEEKS. Once this is completed, on week FOUR, take a rest from youthH2O for one week. You have completed your cycle of youth for the month and can repeat the Cycle of Youth.

Remember, just like fitness and salads should be part of your healthy lifestyle, as well as taking care of your skin on a daily basis, powerful superfoods must also be part of your healthy lifestyle to keep those age defying benefits going!

When should you take youthH2O?

Take your shot in the morning to get your day started, during that afternoon slump, or before your evening preworkout. youthH2O can be taken anytime, anywhere.

How should youthH2O be taken?

youthH2O can be taken as a shot, or mixed in any delicious smoothie, juice, spritzer or cocktail recipe! We have lots of delicious and age defying recipes waiting for you to try here (recipes page link)

Start to see noticeable results in 2 weeks!