Why do I need to take a week off?

When you’re having the ‘off week’ your body continues to re-balance and catch up with the nutrients you’ve put in your body. We recommend this re-calibration from the powerful superfoods for best results and then continue to keep the age defying benefits going.

Do I have to take youthH2O forever?

youthH2O is like eating food, it is dominantly made of superfoods. If you eat certain foods every day like vegetables and fruits; that’s how you can treat youthH2O. Think of it as having a daily serving of incomparable and extraordinary superfoods giving you a daily serving of powerful vitamins. Just like you must continue to use creams on your skin to keep the benefits going you must continue to supplement your body with superfood nutrition to keep the benefits going.

Can I Take More Than One a day?

youthH2O is safe and yes you can take more than one per day, but we don’t see any reason why you would need more than one per day.

How Long Before I See Results?

You will see noticeable results within 2 weeks! Some will feel some of the benefits like energy and immunity within days. youthH2O must be continued to continue the benefits.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects to getting organic superfood nutrition.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that have superior nutrition levels that have powerful health and disease fighting benefits.

Can men and women take youthH2O?

Yes! youthH2O is just as good for men as for women. Our powerful superfoods benefit both men and women. Men site performance energy, performance recovery, strength, stamina, better mood, improved libido, better sleep etc. Women site, glowing skin, natural vitality, healthy weight loss, stronger healthier hair and nails, improved libido, better sleep, better mood etc.

Can you take youthH2O when pregnant or nursing?

Although youthH2O is made of organic superfoods and caffeine free, pregnant women, nursing women, children or adolescents should always consult a physician prior to starting ANY dietary supplement.