The flu season is approaching and once again, marching in in with a tough force. In order to avoid being slugged down by the dreadful virus, it is crucial to acquire and maintain a strong immune system. It is this system that stands at the front lines of the body’s defense, protecting our cells from harmful invasions and unwanted guests. A strong immunity also makes for a youthful and resilient body and the best way to obtain this is through proper nutrition. The three powerful and organic foods that make up YouthH2O, camu camu, purple corn, and maca, encompass biological properties that are geared towards strengthening the body’s defense mechanism.

The reason YouthH2O helps build the immunity of those who drink it is simple: YouthH2O is concentrated with high levels of vitamins and phytochemicals; Vitamin C being the superior contributor of the immunity mix packing in more than 500% naturally-occurring Vitamin C. YouthH2O’s source of vitamin C comes from the Peruvian superfood, camu-camu berry. The camu berry is documented as one of the world’s most potent naturally-occurring sources of vitamin C—presenting more than 60 times the amount of vitamin C per serving than the almighty orange. Vitamin C is known to help with immunity, tissue repair, and healing, as well as cancer and cataract prevention.

YouthH2O is also made up of purple corn, another Peruvian favorite known for its abundance in nutrient and availability, as well as its richness in health benefits. Purple corn has a significant amount of phytonutrients that protect the body from environmental impact, strengthen the body’s immunity and protect against carcinogens. Purple corn also contains the highest recorded amount of anthocyanin, a pigment of the flavonoid family that is known for its high amount of antioxidants. Just one 2-ounce bottle of YouthH2O contains anthocyanin extracts equivalent to two corn husks of purple corn!

The third Peruvian superfood is the almighty maca root. Maca is known for its ability to bring the body to its natural homeostasis. Studies also suggest that maca boosts immunity because of its amino acid and mineral content. Maca contains phytochemicals and flavanols that can scavenge various free radicals (bodily bad guys that, left unchecked, can lead to disease).

The combination of these revitalizing ingredients effectively helps boost and maintain a strong immune system, creating the most natural and convenient health supplement on the market!

Cheers to a flu-free season!

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