Tis the season to work pumpkin in every meal! Fall is a time to incorporate the sweet flavors of pumpkin in with all of your meals. Every food,
health and beauty blogger I know is pairing pumpkin flavors, spices and fall colors in with there favorite seasonal recipes and looks. Naturally, I decided
to join in on the fun and make my own smoothie for fall.

In trying to decide what smoothie would satisfy my fall taste buds and be healthy enough to keep my body protected from the infections (flu & cold) this
season typcially brings; I combined many different ingredients…You should have seen my kitchen and counter tops when I was done.

Since this is my first EVER smoothie concoction I have publically (lol) notedabout on my blog, I’m excited to share it with all of you.

My STRAWBERRY PUMPKIN SEED SMOOTHIE is packed with natural ingredients and caffiene-free energy. This smoothie is good for breakfast or a snack. youthH2O is one item I truly must have stocked in my house. Their Age Defying System is truly remarkable. It’s loaded with a proficient amount of superfoods and antioxidants. Their liquid nutrient is my staple for my overall beauty maintenance and immunity support. I am blessed to have found them!
I’m also very excited to have found organic coconut palm sugar…I use it in place of sugar now in everything.



6 Large Strawberries
1 Bananna
1 Sweet Potatoe
1 TBS Almond Slice
2 TBS Fresh Shredded Coconut
1/4 TSP Pure Vanilla
1/4 TSP Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
3/4 TSP Coconut Water
2 oz youthH2O

1. Cut tops off of fresh strawberries
2. Cut 1 sweet potatoe in to quarter pieces
3. Place all ingredients into the food processor
4. Blend until smooth & creamy
5. Garnish with walnuts & siced fresh strawberries

If you are like me and can appreciate the taste of the seasons with a touch of good nutrition, make this smoothie immediately! Then come back here and
write in the comment section your thoughts, ideas and/or any constructive criticism.


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