In case you missed it, this year’s breakthrough new product, youthH2O was featured this morning on The Today Show’s segment featuring “Beauty in 2 Minutes or Less” with Beauty Guru, Jene Luciani!

The Today Show announced that youthH2O actually helps you glow from the inside out from all of the super foods it contains. Also featured is how youthH2O saves you time and costs by giving you all the same benefits in a single shot instead of taking your antioxidants, Vitamin C, energy supplement, gelatin for nails and metabolism separately! YouthH2O was featured amongst monster international beauty brands like L’Oreal Paris. Natalie Morales of the Today show not only loved youthH2O she took a bottle home with her!

Launching this month at Vitamin Shoppes Nationwide and now available at, youthH2O is an ‘Age Defying System’ comprised of organic superfoods that is formulated to deliver real data-driven results: peak performance, beauty, and wellness support.

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