Don’t Wind Up Baked, Fried & Burnt!
Stacy Cox

With Memorial Day weekend coming fast… How ya feeling? No doubt you’re hoping for some sun, surf and sand as much as I am. I put this segment/blog together for NBC Seattle New Day Northwest. But I had to chuckle at mother nature when I double checked the weather forecast and it’s predicting a rainy weekend in this city. Wouldn’t you just know it?! This said, eventually the clouds will part and everyone in Seattle will be able to utilize all the great products I researched below. As for you…where ever you’re going to kick back in this country over the long weekend…I hope you’ll slather on the SPF, travel and drive safe and take a moment out to honor yourself. We’re all pretty awesome but seldom press the “pause” button to remember this important fact! Happy Memorial Day.
“My mind is constantly going. For me to completely relax,
I gotta get rid of my cell phone.”
Kenny Chesney
(So true right?)

PRICE: $21.99 to $29.99 month supply (size/ounces vary)

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Source: New Day King 5