youthfully yours, evelyn lozada

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to my new beauty/wellness blog ‘Youthfully Yours!’

My Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers are always asking me various beauty questions, so I¹m taking the ones asked most frequent and answering them for you!

Below you will find my top 8 beauty secrets (never revealed before)!

1. Biosilk as a body Moisturizer.

Yes, I know this may sound crazy because we all know that Biosik is a hair product. However, not only do I use the product for my hair, but also, I use Biosilk as a body moisturizer! I sometimes use Biosilk in the shower or as soon as I get out in order to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth! All you need is a couple of drops and smooth onto your legs, arms or anywhere your skin may feel dry. There is nothing wrong with moisturizing your hair and skin at the same time right???

2. Later for you, tired eyes!

The trick to making your eyes pop is by using a white eyeliner and lining the inside rim of your lower eyelid. I definitely do this trick if I have to be on set and I¹m tired. Who wants to have sleepy eyes?

3. Glowing Collagen!

The best thing you could do for your appearance is to drink youthH2O regularly. This product helps REAL collagen production in your skin from the INSIDE, developing a healthy radiant glow (along with many other benefits) to keep me looking young. It’s my newest beauty weapon and since I’ve started using, everyone has been complimenting my skin and asking me what I’ve been using.

4. Beauty Sleep.

Yes, I take naps. There is nothing wrong with taking a nap, it actually revives you! I recommend that you not only take naps, but try to get 8 hours of sleep! No one wants a run down, stressed out body to accelerate the aging process, Right?

5. Roller setŠ, How do I love thee?

I totally prefer a roller set because not only is the maintenance very easy, but, it¹s the healthiest way to style your hair! You can use a combination of rollers, Velcro or hot. I love either one!

6. Yucky yellow nails.

This past winter, I wore a ton of dark polish, especially black. For those of you who survived staining from the dark polish, congratulations! However, for the ones that didn¹t, try scrubbing your nails with a whitening toothpaste. This works very well and your nails will go back to being bright and white, like teeth!

7. Shimmer Me!

Ever have one of those mornings when you wake up late, rushing to get to work or school and you still look and feel tired? Well, a good beauty trick besides the pop of the white eyeliner is to use a primer on your face with a bit of shimmer! Sally Hansen¹s Natural Beauty line has a Luminizing Face Primer with a pretty shimmer that lights up the skin so your foundation looks a little more alive. This primer works best under make-up!

8. Smell good ALL day!

Did you know that fragrance rises? If you spray a bit on your ankles and behind your knees, this will help your scent last longer!

I look forward to sharing more secrets with you each week! In the meantime,
have a beautiful week and remember, it’s fun to grow young!