My Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Okay, so Mother’s Day is vastly approaching and if you are anything like me, you are asking the same question: “What do I get my mom for Mother’s Day?” As a mother myself, sometimes I just think of what I would want or have wanted for mother’s day!

I’m warning you now, that any of these ideas ARE NOT FLOWERS. However, my gift ideas are for the husband, sister, child and teen, etc that’s low on money! Check them out below, you cannot go wrong.

Complete MOMMY Make-Over

Every Mom would like that red carpet or DIVA moment. So why not get her a complete make-over?! Start with a hair appointment with the best stylist in the City, hire a make-up artist and then schedule an appointment for her hair and nails. Then, do the ULTIMATE…get a car service and send her on her way for a shopping spree! This would definitely be a two-day event and will take up Saturday and Sunday’s time. It doesn’t matter because we all have wanted to live out that scene from ‘Pretty Woman’. :)

More Than Just a Massage

There is nothing like a fabulous massage or spa day. Whew! Having that moment to leave all your worries behind is amazing. No mommy duties, no cleaning, no nothing. You can even spice it up by ch her a special bottle of Champagne in a gift bag for her to enjoy during or after! Now, that’s relaxing!

Breakfast In Bed

This is always something cute for the kids to do and extremely adorable! Dads out there, if you have toddlers that want to do something special for Mommy, definitely serve breakfast in bed…her heart will melt!

The gift of Health and Youth – You Can’t Go Wrong!

Let’s be honest, there is nothing we want more for our mothers than their health and for them to stay forever young! Why not treat her to a mommy makeover in a bottle with a 6 month supply of youthH2O? She will LOVE you for this and thank you for the youthful results. Now, what Mommy wouldn’t want to feel young, energized and beautiful?? I know I do! Come on, we ALL do!

A Gift Beyond Just Mother’s Day

Get her a gift certificate from a local maid service in your area. Perfect gift for any Mom! She would absolutely love the fact that she does not have to clean the house for a couple of weeks. Mom could use a break!

Give Her What She Never Has Enough of…

More SLEEP. Yes, I said it…let Mommy sleep in on her big day. Why not allow Mom to be lazy and have her wake up when she is good and ready? #dontjudgeher

Collection of Poems or a List of Why Mom Is Loved

Nothing beats a book of poetry showing Mom how much you mean to her. This is very sentimental and you may even get a tear or two. :)

Plan A Movie Night

I’m sure Mom doesn’t have the opportunity to get to the movies as often as she would like. Between working, being a full-time mom and errands, time is never on her side. A relaxing and chill movie night would be great! Pull her away from the house!!!

Youthfully yours,

Evelyn Lozada