Although it is not unusual for me to have three a glass of wine throughout the week, I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, don’t really drink soda and down water like I run five miles daily (I do not). I also try to eat healthy, juice at least once a month and workout three times a week due to my firm belief that how you take care of your body is evident on your face.

I am always up for trying new things to add to my (somewhat) healthy lifestyle, so when the kind folks at youthH20 gave me the chance to try a month for free I was ecstatic! YouthH20 is an “Age Defying Energy Shot” full of vitamin C, vitamins B12 and B6, Niacin, Folic Acid and other natural antioxidants. The idea is to take the 2oz shot five times a week for 3 weeks, take a week off and then start the process again. At the end of two to three weeks the company states that you will feel more energy, have improved collagen production and boosted immunity and metabolism.

I have been taking youthH20 for about 3 weeks now an absolutely notice a difference in my energy throughout the day. I also tend to have a lot of redness and flushing throughout the day and have noticed that it is much less frequent when I drink my daily shot. I love the fact that this product is free of caffeine as well.

The shot is much easier to drink when cold, and I actually sometimes put it in 16oz of purified water and drink it like that. While it is not inexpensive at around $50 a month, if you take into consideration the fact that nastyass (sp? Nasty-ass?) Red Bull is awful for you and costs around $4 for a single can, $50 for 15 shots is not bad at all. Your skin will thank you.

Side note: if you happen to drink err…a few glasses of wine throughout the week, this stuff is full of B-Vitamins, making it fantastic for a hangover. So I hear.

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