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TVD – “My skin is loving youthH2O”

Although it is not unusual for me to have three a glass of wine throughout the week, I limit myself to one cup of coffee a day, don't really drink soda and down water like I run five miles daily (I do not). I also try to eat healthy, juice [...]

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Boost Your Self Confidence!

What constitutes a great body? Is it being lean and tone? Or is it being healthy from the inside out not really putting emphasis on weight or bodyfat, etc.? For me, in the beginning of my career I would put so much emphasis on being lean and tone that I [...]

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Getting your MOTIVATION back

What does it mean to get your mojo back? Well, it can mean different things to different people. For me, it’s getting my motivation and drive back to reignite loving what I love to do. Sometimes you can get a bit sidetracked in life, and you start living your life [...]

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HER Source Vices: Everything a Girl Needs.

Reality star/entrepreneur Evelyn Lozada and her model/daughter Shaniece Hairston have mentioned the key to amazing skin and much more are the results of the age defying system, youthH2O. The benefits include boundless energy, a stronger immune system, a faster metabolism, improved skin, mental atonement, and so much more! Click Image [...]

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