“Fountain of youth? Miracle in a bottle? Quite possibly! youthH2O stimulates/awakens the body’s youth hormone awarding beauty, energy, wellness all in one w/age defying organic superfoods. You’re getting 3 very powerful & rare superfoods all in one liquid high concentration form Camu Camu (the highest natural vitamin c source), purple corn (highest antioxident source) & maca which adapts to your body’s unique needs restoring vitality w/out caffeine! So in a nutshell consistently drinking a youthH2O shot will have a positive impact on you curbing your metabolism, increasing energy levels and supporting complexions by working on collagen growth, glow and skin protection. Best drank cold right from the fridge. Perfect for those who can’t have caffeine and coffee due to health reasons, but still crave certain caffeine-inspired benefits!”