Well, we try to avoid it. Wash our hands, try to get rest, work on preventing sickness by boosting immune system. Trust me, I tried all I could but I have a job in which I talk and am close to people all day. Even though I tried to prevent from getting sick I happened to catch a cold….could have been A LOT worse though. Many of my clients suffered from a cold/bronchial sickness for weeks and mine only lasted a couple of days.

At the start of feeling sick I started to increase my Vitamin C and nutrients to fight whatever it was my body was trying to ward off. So I drank this “immune system” booster twice to three times a day until I fully felt better. It is great to shorten the life of a cold but it is great to also use as preventative as well……

Boost your immune system: The Turbo YouthH2O : use a juicer when making this…if you do not have a juicer you may blend all together in a blender.

Ingredients: 2 apples | A handful of spinach leaves | 1 slice of cucumber | 1 slice of lime | Half a celery stick | ¼ pineapple | ¼ avocado | Ice cubes | capful of YouthH2O

It is GOOD FOR YOU: Rich in potassium, vitamin C and iron, this juice helps boost the immune system. It’s great for rebuilding red-blood cells and has plenty of protein and natural sugar helping those white-blood cells fight off any bad guys. The YouthH2O provides enough vitamin C equivalent to 20 oranges.

Hopefully you all stay healthy this fall and winter season….but If you do feel something coming on give the Turbo YouthH20 a try!

Thank you so much for reading!

Felicia Romero