There is no excuse for not feeling young again. Huffington Post Fitness blogger and trendsetting star of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada has inspired women nationwide to “Live Life Youthfully” by celebrating the launch of Age Defying System youthH2O in Duane Reade, the largest drug store chain in New York City and part of the Walgreens pharmacy chain.

Comprised of the most powerful organic super foods (maca, camu camu and purple corn), youthH2O is caffeine free . As the OK! Magazine Fashion Contributor and one of the hottest beauty experts known for her fabulous make- up, style and fitness tips, Lozada is on a mission to show women how to live a youthful and healthy life. She is sharing top beauty and fitness trends as well as ways for women to find their youth.

“I’m excited to share my healthy and active lifestyle with millions of people.” says Lozada, “youthH2O gives you the daily superfood nutrition you need to keep your mind and body youthful and now that it’s available at Duane Reade, I want to continue to inspire not only women but everyone to live life youthfully.”
Lozada will post bi-weekly tips with hot new beauty trends and ways you can find your youth on the youthH2O Facebook page all year long. In addition, fans can enter weekly for a chance to win youthH2O and beauty prizes by showing how they live life youthfully!

“Evelyn Lozada is an extraordinary trendsetter who will bring women and men youthful, healthy, and beauty inspiration that will make them feel amazing.” said Sherry Zikria, VP of Marketing, youthH2O. “With the many age defying benefits of youthH2O such as Increased caffeine free energy, weight loss, glowing skin and strength, everyone can be inspired to live youthfully every day.”
In order to support the “Live Life Youthfully” campaign and launch in Duane Reade stores, Lozada will appear in New York City on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at Duane Reade, 52 E. 14th Street & Union Square from 4-6pm.