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Juggle it all and look fabulous while doing it!

Hi there!

How was your President’s Day Weekend? I am currently downstairs in the basement of my family’s house surrounded by everyone. My Aunt had a Sierra Club meeting upstairs so we had to clear out and hang out downstairs.

The last couple of weeks have been an insane amount of traveling. It started with a series of press junkets for a bunch of film Spring releases. I have to feel on my A-game when I’m getting ready for high profile interviews or I feel really distracted.

I want to talk about how we can juggle it all. There are various ways in which we can get it all done and look fabulous while doing it. I’ve figured out that I feel my best when I have a routine in the morning that gets my day started.

1. Figure out what works for you! I know that I feel my best when my skin is clear and glowing. I’m not one of those girls that loves going completely barefaced. I like to enhance my natural skin features with a little shimmer of bronzer here and a little dab of lip stain there. The above picture is from the Endless Love pressjunket at the Four Seasons. All of my makeup artists have been dying to try youthH2O so I brought some in for them. They definitely thanked me later. It’s a part of my routine because I start with a glass of water in the morning, exfoliate my skin, take a shot of youthH2O and go over my day planner to see what’s on my to-do list. When I interviewed Jennifer Connelly at the Winter’s Tale press junket I asked her for the tips of juggling motherhood and being on movie sets. She said to take it all one day at a time. The trick is in planning everything out daily. So ask yourself what makes YOU feel good. Really observe what makes you happy and brings you peace and then incorporate it into your routine. Everything else will fall into place. Trust me.

2. Treat yourself! I’m not nearly as big a sweets fan as I am a salt fanatic. I try to eat as healthy as possible, all lean and mean greens. However, when I’m traveling I want crunchy almond chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, noodle bowls, and especially the cheese and cracker plate offered on the airplane. It’s not something I would usually eat daily back in LA but when I’m away from home then all bets are off. How do I balance it out?! I make sure that I’m getting my youthH2O shots so I’m still getting a daily dose of nutrients. I would like to say that I pack kale salads, chilled fruit, and only drink water when I’m in transit but the only thing that I make sure to pack is my containers of youthH2O.

3. Keep your immune system strong. When I get sick my whole world stops. If I have the flu I can’t concentrate on anything in front of me. All I can think about is getting better. The problem with so much traveling is that you’re just breathing recycled air on planes. I try not to think about it because I am a major germaphobe. However, ever since I started using youthH2O, I haven’t gotten sick once. My travel schedule for February was:

LA> NYC for 4 days

NYC> LA for 5 days

LA> DC for 5 days

DC> LA for 3 days

LA > London for 7 days (I leave this week)

London > LA

It’s basically just back and forth coast to coast on SIX different flights in a matter of 21 days. It’s a lot. There is no time in my schedule to allow for getting sick. On top of that, there have been Nor’easters just tearing their way through the coasts. It’s freezing and I could very easily catch a cold. However, my superfood shots are protecting me!

4. Eat at home. So many people constantly eat out for the convenience of not having to cook. However, it constricts you to an average of two hours out and you don’t get the time to sit around talking and hanging out after. A big part of staying youthful is staying up and enjoying simple pleasures like a glass of wine and good company. Check out when the next 3 day weekend is and do something out of the ordinary to break up the monotony. Maybe take a quick trip to see family that lives farther away, go on a romantic weekend away with your partner, or host friends over for a fun weekend at your house.

5. Lastly…get offline from time to time! I love reading blogs as much as the next person. I find the most amazing tips, recipes, and cool facts for hosting amazing parties. However, part of balancing your schedule includes making time to do things you love. Go to an amazing local used bookstore and go on a treasure hunt. I got all of these books for only $10. I love salads but I always make the same ones. I often include heirloom tomatos but discovering a cookbook solely dedicated to heirloom tomatos? Priceless! I found the most amazing recipes. I can’t wait to try them out and blog about the process.

These are just the methods that have been keeping me sane in the midst of a hectic month. When it rains, it pours, and often in the most magical way. The challenges that push us out of our comfort zone are the same ones that make us grow as a person. What are you currently working on that is challenging you in new ways? Share in the comments below!



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