youthH2O doesn’t discriminate. It was time that women and the baby booming generation had the option of having the best available functional energy shot in the market, and we made sure we would make sure they were a priority. As youthH2O continues to splash through the markets and as reviews are coming in, youthH2O is expected to be the choice of energy for all walks of life. “It was time to alert the public that when we had energy when we were younger, we did not need caffeine. So, let’s get back to restoring our empty shelves that we have lost over the years versus a quick jolt of energy and crash that is not even real energy. Speeding up the heart and stressing the heart actually is the opposite of anti-aging. If you didn’t need caffeine and sleeping pills many years ago, ask yourself why you need them today? youthH2O is about restoring these empty shelves over time while giving you enough energy to get you through the day the safe way. Will it give you a jolt and jitter like the mega caffeinated drinks out there? Of course not. This is different. But, in time, you will realize you are drinking less caffeinated beverages, because you have so much more natural energy and youthful qualities with youthH2O,” ReVival Labs.