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Evelyn Lozada’s Testimonial

I absolutely love to hike Runyon Canyon when I’m in LA! Just because it’s the Thanksgiving holiday and you may have stuffed yourself on yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t work it off today! Instead of my usual workout, I decided to take a hike with my beautiful daughter Shaniece. I started the day off with a shot of youthH2O, which is basically a salad in a bottle! I was able to get all of my nutrients, Vitamin C, superfoods and antioxidants, all in one shot! Since being on the product for months, the benefit for me is that I am able to progressively restore my energy naturally over time! I can’t stand caffeinated energy drinks or quick fixes that shock your body. Plus, you don’t know the harmful ingredients associated with those energy drinks. Normally, I would be beat after Thanksgiving, but not this year!!! Keep it tight and right people! *kisses*

Evelyn Lozada - hiking with youthH2O

Evelyn Lozada - hiking with youthH2O

How was your Thanksgiving and are you walking it off today?



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