youthH2O bottle

When mis compadres jumped on the “disgusting drink in a small bottle” train several years ago, I was like no bueno, I’ll take a rum and diet if I want to energize myself. 5 Hr Energy blah blah blah, it even has repulsive packaging. No thanks. This all changed just two and a half weeks ago, so here’s my story…

Now I’ve never been one to self medicate or “experiment” to have fun, so when everyone and their mom jumped on the monkey and mushrooms thang, I had to politely decline. I guess I missed out on some mind-blowing “experiences.”

Doubtful, I got youthH20. When BrickGuy James introduced me to youthH20 a couple weeks again, I sent it back to him (and gave him some bs story about the wrong address). But then after he sent it again, I guess I had to try it. They aren’t essentially energy shots but rather wellness supplements so I took the plunge. You’re suppose to take the supplements once a day, for 5 days a week, for 3 weeks and then take a break for 7-10 days, which allows the body to produce its own nutrients, promoting natural stability and internal balance.

I was on my way to the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert when I had my first mini bottle – PUKE. I immediately thought the next three weeks would be torture and that James was lucky I already promised him that I’d take them for the full three weeks.

The next time, and the next time, on and on, these youthH20 bottles tasted better and better until I began to look forward to my shot every day. So now you ask why the hecht i started this post out talking about mind-blowing experimentation. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for several months now, not sure whether it’s stress at work or the summer camp feeling I get when spending the night at my boyfriend’s (yea, he shares a ROOM with his brother, like bunk bed style). About 10 days after I started taking youthH20, I was sleeping like a baby and legit having the craziest f-in dreams I’ve ever had in my life. (I’ve confirmed the dream thing with several others taking youthH20 – which launches tomorrow at Navarro Pharmacies- so its a fact.)


About youthH20 – Comprised of 100% natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and absolutely zero caffeine, youthH2O is a 2oz shot that delivers ongoing results, not a short-term fix like other products on the market. Taken once daily over 5 days, for 3 weeks, the effects of Youth H2O are felt within a few days and noticeable results in 2 weeks. Unlike caffeinated shots, users don’t end up back where they started; with youthH2O, it’s progress everyday.

Those who use youthH2O cite increased energy, enhanced mood & libido, improved metabolism, restful sleep, and ongoing feelings of health and well-being.

(disclaimer: Yea bitch I got them for free. Doesn’t mean I need to write nice things.)