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Why You Should Be Eating Peruvian Superfoods

Peruvian Superfoods Maca is very popular right now. Take maca juice before you exercise and it give you this great energy; the incas took maca to fight war and it's known to increase strength and tone and build muscle. The thing is that maca needs to be processed down-people usually [...]

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Holiday Survival: Undo Stress and Get a Holiday Glow

FOR A GLOW… Million dollar question: Can I drink myself pretty? With 16 years devoted to being a beauty expert and skin care therapist and tons of research on my end…the answer is YES! Why I drink Youth H2o daily is it stimulates the body’s youth hormone awarding you the [...]

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14 Herbs That Will Make You Horny, Baby!

What's the secret to amazing sex? We've heard everything - confidence, trust, willingness to let go and have fun. But is there more to the recipe? Ever since watching Love Potion #9. I've fantasized about magic herbs and potions that would make me simple irresistible. While I have yet to [...]

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How To Improve Your Sex Drive

"Sex is great for countless reasons, but sometimes we’re just not feeling it. And it’s OK to not be in the mood sometimes; we all have lives that can get in the way. But if you really want to kick start getting your groove on, there’s lots of things you [...]

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